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The hiring of an attorney merits careful consideration and should not be based solely on statements such as those presented on this site, which are intended for general reference purposes. We recommend that anyone who believes they might be eligible and qualified to receive benefits seek competent professional advice concerning their specific claim, and that they study the qualifications and experience of an attorney or attorneys and use their own judgment before hiring or following advice, or making important decisions pertaining to their case. This presentation is not an offer, nor a solicitation.

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Lilli W. Marder, Esq.

A native of England, Lilli W. Marder has been practicing law in South Florida and Puerto Rico for over 30 years. Prior to establishing the firm in 1990, she worked as legal counsel for Social Security Administration…

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Jeffrey P. Bernard, Esq.

Jeffrey P. Bernard is a practicing attorney representing our clients in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. He is admitted to the Florida Bar and the USDC of South Florida. A graduate of InterAmerican University School of Law in Puerto Rico…

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Mitchell Adelman, Esq.

Mitchell Adelman is an experienced attorney who handles our appeals to the Federal Court and to the Appeals Council of the Social Security Administration…

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David Sapiro, Esq.

David Sapiro is an experienced Social Security attorney who has been working with our firm since 2010. He represents clients at Hearings before Judges in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach…


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