Mitchell Adelman, Esq.

mitchellMitchell Adelman is an experienced attorney who handles our appeals to the Federal Court and to the Appeals Council of the Social Security Administration and is also active in the analysis and preparation of claims for Hearings before Administrative Law Judges at ODAR.

Mitch graduated from Pennsylvania State University in 1992. He then went on to obtain a paralegal degree from the Philadelphia Institute in 1993 and later his Juris Doctorate from Temple University’s Beasley School of Law in 1999, with a concentration in Administrative Agency Law.

Mr. Adelman worked for the City of Philadelphia in the Law Department as an Assistant City Solicitor for the Health and Human Services Department and the Office of Housing and Community Development. He joined our firm in November 2003 and continues to use his research and analysis skills to the claims of clients whose cases are seen before a Social Security Administrative Law Judge. Mr. Adelman is currently admitted to the Bar Association of the State of Pennsylvania.


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