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The Application Process

Most SSA disability applications are rejected at first and successive appeals are often necessary. We minimize the risk of denial by electronically filing your application, filing all paperwork and questionnaires promptly and fully protecting your rights and interests to achieve a maximum of benefits. We are fully staffed with competent paralegals and professionals. Our attorneys are experienced in Administrative Law and the workings of the Social Security Administration. We can reduce chances of denial at any stage of the case using our expertise in the best presentation of your case and evidence. Eligibility and qualification for disability benefits is a LEGAL decision, based on the Rules and Regulations embodied in the agency’s processes and the Code of Federal Regulations.

If you cannot work due to a physical or mental disability or a combination of both, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits. The definition of SSA Disability is very exact. It requires inability to perform any work, which exists in the national economy, taking into account your age, education and vocational background. Your medical conditions are scrutinized. Children may be eligible for benefits on their parents’ accounts or through the SSI program.

SSA has two main programs for disability called Title 2 and Title 16. Title 16 is a “needs based” program and looks at resources as well as medical evidence. Title 2 benefits generally require having worked and contributed to Social Security for five out of the last ten years before disability begins. Most people also need 40 credits (10 years) of total work to qualify for benefits. In 2013, $1,160 in earnings gave one credit of coverage. Fewer credits are needed for individuals “under 31 years”.

To start the disability process an application must be filed. This can be done online, at the SSA office in person or we can complete it and file for you online at our offices. A mistake in the application can cost you benefits.

You will need more than just a diagnosis or statement from a medical physician. We have the necessary knowledge of the law to help you obtain the records and evidence you need to prove your case. If you are denied benefits initially you will have to appeal and eventually, if your appeals fail, you can ask for a Hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. Additional appeals may also be necessary.

Fees for actual attorney services up to the Hearing level decision are 25% of any retroactive benefit paid. We do not charge unless you win your case. Subsequent ongoing monthly benefits are never impacted. Certain “out-of pocket” charges to obtain medical and/or employment records will be passed on to the client as per Social Security Regulations.

Reduced retirement benefits are receivable at age 62 years. For persons born after 1954 full retirement is not before age 66, and at age 67 if born in 1960 or later. Some earning restrictions may affect these benefits so be sure to consult with us or directly with SSA.

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