Special Needs Trusts

Our experienced attorneys can help to protect your right to certain public benefits, if you were to receive a “windfall” of money. One of the ways this can be done is through the establishment of a SPECIAL NEEDS TRUST (SNT).

For SSI benefits to continue to be received (with a few exceptions), an individual cannot have cash resources (or other resources that can be converted to cash) above $2000 and a married couple cannot have more than $3,000. SSI benefits cover food and shelter expenses only, but also trigger automatic approval of Medicaid in most States. Eligibility in many other programs is also triggered by the receipt of SSI benefits.

An increase in resources or income caused by receipt of a lump sum settlement or other source (sale of an excepted resource such as a residence or automobile) could result in the reduction suspension or termination of these and other public benefits. Special Needs Trusts can be established to protect need based eligibility for government help. They should always be reported and approved by the government agencies concerned.

Consult us on ways to protect your benefits, if you are expecting changes that might put your continued receipt of benefits at risk.

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